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Hi everyone. Serious Col here today. The day demands it. I'm always somber on this day. I always remember exactly what I did. How I felt. Wondering if my Dad was working in the city that day, and was he ok? Did I know anyone else who was affected? HOW? How did this happen? What would happen next? Why? Where did this hatred and evil come from?

Too many innocent people died on this day 7 years ago.
Too many families lost loved ones.
Too many heroes were made.
Too many children lost parents.
Too many parents lost children.
Too many.
Too many.

Please take a moment today and say a prayer, or send a thought, or do whatever you do, for the many men and women serving in our military.
Protecting our freedoms.
Righting wrongs.
Seeking out the evil that lurks in the dark in this world.
We will not tolerate this evil.
We will not stand for it.
It better run.
Because these colors don't.

And always. ALWAYS. Remember.
The Big Picture is an awesome site and yesterday posted some moving images from 9/11 and relating to it. Check it out.

(Old layout from a few months ago. New one coming later today.)


Jennifer said...

Thank you for posting this and for the link to that incredible website. It is a day that none of us should forget. Your words are an excellent reminder.

Monique said...

Beautiful layout, and yes we really do need to always remember. It was a day that changed so many lives directly and indirectly. Thank you for posting such a beautiful reminder for us.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Beautiful layout!

Your post was a wonderful reminder

Amy said...

Beautiful post Col. I think I'll do a LO too.

meems said...

Great layout, Col. thanks for the link. We should definitely never forget this day.

Chels said...

Wonderful post